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Crete Resorts For the Soul

November 23rd, 2022

Crete resorts for the soul returns visitors from the island to their real world thoroughly rested up, unstressed, peaceful and feeling like another person – in fact, they feel like a great person. With Crete resorts now considered a substantial part of the modern tourist industry in Greece and making a lot of travelers happy, it seems quite intriguing that the all-inclusive resorts for exotic holidays or vacations had their earliest start around 1950.

This was nine years after Germany had invaded the island of Crete and the world viewed the famous Cretan diet as the rage of the health world. The newly coined term “all-inclusive” originally referred to a wide selection of luxuries and accommodations under one resort and at one charge. This made it more convenient for the wealthy patrons, aristocrats and bureaucratic politicians who chose private regions or islands like Crete to vacation either in isolation or with like-minded individuals for business or pleasure.

Originally developed through the efforts of the French organization “Club Méditerranée,” or Club Med, the definition for resort has slightly loosened with its meaning over the years. Today the Crete resorts are not just for the wealthy as they were in the beginning. They currently encompass the entire island of Crete for a wide assortment of travelers – beach resorts, coast resorts, holiday resorts, cozy resorts, luxury resorts, all-inclusive resorts, and deluxe resorts. Travelers and guests from all walks of life arrive at Crete to enjoy the fascinating Crete villa holidays and elegant Crete resorts of the island.